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October 14-15, 2006 Parma, OH Host Club: Cleveland Persian Society Theme: “Pumpkin Patch Pixies” DEVON HEAVEN COMMITTEE: Chairman: Bob Kinsey Award Certificates: Melody Amundson Banquet Reservatons: Ann Gibney Goody Bags: Carole Goodwin Photographers: Anne and Tom Frank Program: Melody Amundson Program Photo: Ayla Anderson Rosettes: Linda Peterson, Shelly Yergenson Table Decorations: Sandy Kinsey
JUDGES: Rachel Anger AB Norm Auspitz AB Loretta Baugh AB Bob Bryan LH/SH John Colilla AB Gene Darrah AB Nick Fischer SH Chuck Gradowski AB
DEVON ENTRIES:  Represents Devons entered not Devons present.
CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS BEST DEVON REX GC Kirleekat's Macy the Magnificent! Breeder: Erika Paylor Owner: Brenda Moore-Renee Olsen Blue Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby Female 2nd BEST DEVON REX GC Karmakatz Razzle Dazzle Me! Breeder/Owner: Linda Peterson-Denis Downey Cameo Mackerel Tabby and White Female 3rd BEST DEVON REX Scattergold Salem Breeder/Owner: Ann Gibney BEST DEVON REX CHAMPION CH Clarick's Dust Bunny Breeder/Owner: Celestia Wright CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS GC Kirleekat's Macy the Magnificent! 3rd Best AB - N. Auspitz 9th Best AB - G. Darrah 2nd Best AB - C. Gradowski GC Karmakatz Razzle Dazzle Me! 6th Best SH - B. Bryan 2nd Best SH - N. Fischer
PREMIERSHIP CLASS BEST DEVON REX IN PREMIERSHIP PR Kirleekat's Druid's Chant Breeder/Owner: Erika-Richard Paylor 2nd BEST DEVON REX IN PREMIERSHIP PR Clarick's Dreams in the Mist Breeder/Owner: Celestia Wright 3rd BEST DEVON REX IN PREMIERSHIP Keniakat's Little Town Flirt Breeder/Owner: Bob-Sandy Kinsey PREMIERSHIP FINALS N/A at this time
KITTEN CLASS BEST DEVON REX KITTEN Karmakatz Fayette of Calla Breeder: Peterson-Catoggio-Downey Owner: Terri Callahan Lavander Silver Patched Mackerel  Tabby and White Female 2nd BEST DEVON REX KITTEN Meikai's Aurora Star Breeder/Owner: Doug Schmidt Brown Patched Tabby Female 3rd BEST DEVON REX KITTEN Chemikatz Party's On! of Karmakatz Breeder: Jan-Cole Davis Owner: Davis-Peterson-Downey KITTEN FINALS Karmakatz Fayette of Calla 10th Best AB - G. Darrah 6th Best AB - C. Gradowski 8th Best SH - B. Bryan Meikai's Aurora Star 10th Best AB - R. Anger 14th Best AB - G. Darrah 10th Best SH - B. Bryan Clarick's Summer Breeze 8th Best AB - N. Auspitz Face Huggers lambsie D'Ivy 6th Best SH - N. Fischer
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Chamicats Girls Night Out 13th Best AB - J. Colilla 
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