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March 11-12, 1995 Duluth, GA Host Club: Atlanta Phoenix Cat Society Sponsoring Kim Everett's ring EVENT COMMITTEE: Chair: Shirley Barnes-Nieding Hand beaded Devon Rex signs for each exhibitor's cage: Toshika Turner Goody Bags: Ann Gibney, Shirley Barnes-Nieding Breed Booth: Leslie Spiller Devon Roses: Judie Kethley Rosette Artwork: Mary Konczyk Rosettes: Leslie Spille
JUDGES: Scott Butler LH/SH Kim Everett AB Craig Rothermel AB Diana Rothermel AB Barb Thal-Sumner AB D.J. Thompson
DEVON ENTRIES:  Represents Devons entered not Devons present.
CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS BEST DEVON REX GC/NW Loganderry's Kiss and Tell 2nd BEST DEVON REX GC Elegance's "Ak-Sent U-8 D-Postive" 3rd BEST DEVON REX GC Georgio Snowbunny of Elegance, DM 4th BEST DEVON REX CH Elegance's Lil' Minnie's Mouse 5th BEST DEVON REX Loganderry’s Little White Lie 6th BEST DEVON REX Dreadlock Lucifurr Butterfly Mupper 7th BEST DEVON REX Aspasia’s Anna Karenina 8th BEST DEVON REX Noved Tuff E Nuff of Baskets Rex 9th BEST DEVON REX 3 way tie Elegance’s Irresistible Lil’ 8-Ball Katazmaraz Limited Edition Noved Molucella   BEST DEVON REX CHAMPION: CH Elegance's Lil' Minnie's Mouse
PREMIERSHIP CLASS BEST DEVON REX IN PREMIERSHIP GP Elegance White Linen of Amblu 2nd BEST DEVON REX IN PREMIERSHIP Scattergold Peggoty of Shalaron 3rd BEST DEVON REX IN PREMIERSHIP Elegance’s “Mr. Silhouette Puntam!”
KITTEN CLASS BEST DEVON REX KITTEN Elegance's "Pixieland Jazz!" 2nd BEST DEVON REX KITTEN Katazmaraz Surprise Partie 3rd BEST DEVON REX KITTEN Elegance's "Whistlers White Virgin!" 4th BEST DEVON REX KITTEN Scattergold Logan on the Totem Pole 5th BEST DEVON REX KITTEN Elegance’s “Lil’ Queen of Hearts!” 6th BEST DEVON REX KITTEN Belfry Body Double
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