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February 19-20, 1994 Villa Park, IL Host Club: LINCOLN STATE CAT CLUB Sponsoring Gene Darrah's ring EVENT COMMITTEE: Club Dinner: Organized by Leslie Spiller Breed Ribbon Artwork Design: Mary Konczyk (completed with the help of Tina Czernik and Leslie Spiller) Scoring and Award coordination: Ann Gibney Raffle: Deborah Kane, Tina Czernik, Leslie Spiller and others Club Logo Cake: designed and donated by Deborah Kane Cash Donations: Jill Solly, Beth Holly, Gerri Logan, Tina Czernik Donations of awards and door prizes: Rene Hensel (Devon notecards, Devon sculpture and Devon Rex pin), Mark McCullough (stained glass art), Shirley Barnes-Niedling (Devon Sculpture), Sally Adams (painted sweatshirt), Judie Kethley (Devon roses) and other Devon lovers Hospiality: Mary Konczyk, Deborah Kane, Leslie Spiller, Tina Czernik
JUDGES: Gene Darrah Diana Dorenberg Sheila Mizzi Evelyn Prather D.J. Thompson Liz Watson
DEVON ENTRIES:  Represents Devons entered not Devons present.
CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS BEST DEVON REX Cordurex Dolly Devon 2nd BEST DEVON REX Elegance Princess Neopolitan Dilute 3rd BEST DEVON REX 2 way tie Scattergold Peggoty of Shalaron Bluegenes Awaving Grace 5th BEST DEVON REX Loganderry Taffeta of Razby BEST DEVON REX CHAMPION: Dondimor's Adora Belle
PREMIERSHIP CLASS BEST DEVON REX IN PREMIERSHIP Bluegenes Trouble 2nd BEST DEVON REX IN PREMIERSHIP Galidorn's Wee Wizard 3rd BEST DEVON REX IN PREMIERSHIP 2 way tie Lilac Hill's Tiverton of Redleif Galidorn's Cleocatra BEST DEVON REX PREMIER Galidorn's Wee Wizard
KITTEN CLASS BEST DEVON REX KITTEN Loganderry's Hummingbird 2nd BEST DEVON REX KITTEN Elegance's "Ak-Sent U-8 D-Postive" 3rd BEST DEVON REX KITTEN Krimpurrs Great Speckled Bird 4th BEST DEVON REX KITTEN Elegance’s Irresistible Lil’ 8-Ball 5th BEST DEVON REX KITTEN 3 way tie Cordurex Tulula Too Cute Krimpurrs Oh Me! Oh My! Cordurex Prince Polaris
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Upper left, left to right: Tina Czernik, Ann Gibney, Shirley Barnes Neiding, Romy Shreve and Judie Kethley. Upper middle: Jill Solly. Upper right: Nina Michaels and Mary Duderstadt. Middle, left to right: Kent Highouse, Rae Highouse, Lil Herbstritt, Jill Solly, Michael Mitchener, Leslie Spiller, Mary Konczyk, Deborah Kane, Beth Holly, Tina Czernik, Kay Moore, Twyla Miller, Diane Moran, Gerri Logan and Don Moran. Bottom, left to right: Nina Michaels, Jim Michaels, Darlene Saric's niece, Darlene Saric, Leslie Spiller, Diane Moran and Don Moran.