Devon Heaven
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What Exactly is Devon Heaven? by Terry O’Shea
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Many years ago, when the Devon Rex Breed was young and the breeders were few, the breeders were required by CFA to form an official CFA affiliated Breed Club. This was done in hopes of someday being moved to Championship competition within the Cat Fancier's Association. Devon Rex Breeders banded together and the Devon Rex Breed Club was born in 1978. An annual meeting was planned and although originally called "Devondelphia", as the first get together was held in Philadelphia, evolved in 1996 into what we now love and know as "Devon Heaven." The idea was to get together at a show. Meet, interact, discuss club business, show off your best representative of where you were with your breeding program, laugh, compete and have dinner together. The internet was yet to be an integral part of life and communication was difficult at best. But... The word got out and a small handful of Devon Breeders got together to share laughter, breeding insight, friendship, cats and competition. The breed grew rapidly in popularity. As it did, the numbers of breeders and fanciers grew right along side the breed growth. Today, Devon Heaven still has the same purpose but the club as well as the attendance has grown tremendously! It is the highlight of the year for most Devon breeders. We are now averaging around 50 of the most beautiful Devons in the world in entry at Devon Heaven. The Devon Heaven festivities have grown too and are incorporated into the schedule of the chosen show for that year. Each year a new show is chosen so that the site moves all around North America, enabling everyone to occasionally have a show that sponsors our Devon Heaven close to home. There is a casual, get acquainted get together on Friday night called the "Rexception". There is a more formal annual Devon Awards Banquet and Fundraiser for the club and for our Rescue League on Saturday night. The awards presented are for the top scoring Devons in all categories within CFA for the preceding show year. These awards of recognition are presented by The Devon Rex Breed Club and are separate and apart from any awards that might be presented by CFA. There is a special award called the Kienzle Award that is presented to the single highest scoring Devon in Championship for the year. It is presented in memory of Allan Kienzle, a past CFA Judge, past Devon Breeder and Past President of the Devon Rex Breed Club. At the end of the show on Sunday, we have top awards for that particular show for Devons.As was mentioned earlier, there are usually around 50 Devons entered at Devon Heaven. It is a sight that you will not see anywhere else! Everyone brings their best and it is breathtaking! We have two overseas sister clubs; one in Scotland and one in Australia. They send awards for the show winners too and we reciprocate when they have their big annual shows. It really is great fun and it just keeps getting better! There is always a theme for the show and we do fun things during the show such as a cage decorating contest as well as a kitty costume contest. It is great fun, great food, great cats, great camaraderie and has gained a wonderful reputation in the fancy. It just gets bigger and better every year! I hope you get to join us! What exactly is Devon Heaven? Fun........ Fun.......... Fun.........!