CFA Top Devons in Kitten Class
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The Kitten competition class is for unaltered or altered, pedigreed kittens between the ages of four and eight months.
2009-2010 Show Season
Best Devon Rex Kitten Tenth Best Kitten SR GC, BW, NW KARMACATZ ALL JAZZED UP Chocolate Patched Mackerel Tabby and White Female Br/Ow: Linda/Susan Peterson - D. Downey (7) Points: 2296.85
Second Best Devon Rex Kitten Third Best Kitten NWR GC, RW JOBARA'S KA-BOOM Gold Eyed White Male Br: R. Robertson - B. Irie Ow: Bobbi Irie (2) Points: 2125.7
Third Best Devon Rex Kitten Ninth Best Kitten NAR GC, RW DERRY-HILL GET SMOOCHIE Silver Mackerel Tabby and White Male Br: Gerri Logan - Claudia Hasay Ow: Claudia Hasay - Gerri Logan (1) Points: 1871.55
Fifth Best Devon Rex Kitten GC BLUEGENES DOLLY MAMA Cream Mackerel Tabby Female Br/Ow: Judith T. Hudgens (4) Points: 765.4
Fourth Best Devon Rex Kitten Twenty-Third Best Kitten SWR CH, RW JOBARA'S PEEK-A-BOO OF DEVINEDEVONS Gold Eyed White Female Br: R. Robertson - B. Irie Ow: Robin Robertson (5) Points: 991
Sixth Best Devon Rex Kitten GP MARCUS MY SUCCOTASH WISH Cream Mackerel Tabby and White Neuter Br: David Raynor - L/S. Peterson Ow: David Raynor (7) Points: 499.75
Seventh Best Devon Rex Kitten GC PATTNCHAT PIPPI LONGSTOCKING Brown Mackerel Tabby and White Female Br/Ow: Debbie/Eric Van Patten (5) Points: 469.95  
Eight Best Devon Rex Kitten GC FACEHUGGERS DIE FLEDERMAUS Gold Eyed White Feale Br/Ow: Phyllis Durdy - Trisha Durdy (2) Points: 457.1
Ninth Best Devon Rex Kitten  GC KARMACATZ ZIVA OF TIGERWINGS Cameo Mackerel Tabby Female Br: Linda-Susan Peterson - D. Downey Ow: BL-S. Peterson - K. Rutledge (7) Points: 330.95
Tenth Best Devon Rex Kitten CH DERRY-HILL LOVIE'S LITTLE KIWIi Chocolate Patched Mackerel Tabby Female Br: G. Logan - C. Hasay - C. Curran Ow: C. Jimenez - K. Nowell (1) Points: 311.75
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