DRBC Awards
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Devon Rex Breed Club End-of-Season Awards At the end of each show season (May 1 - April 30), the Devon Rex Breed Club presents a special award to a top cat in each competitive class: Championship: Kienzel Award Kitten: Gerri Logan Kitten Award Premiership: Beryl Peters Award Each recipient has their cat's name, the year won, and the owner's name engraved on the perpetual award which travels with the breed booth display to special events. Owners of the award-winning cat are presented a smaller version of the award, which they may take home and cherish. These awards are a great honor for those individuals who continue to promote the Devon Rex Breed and serve as reminders of the Devon Rex Breed Club's history. To qualify for an end-of-season award, at least one of the owners, or breeders, of the cat, must be a member, in good standing, of the Devon Rex Breed Club for the show season in its entirety.
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