Kienzel Award
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Award Recipients
This beautiful perpetuating annual award was donated to The Devon Rex Breed Club in 1991 by friends of the late Allan Kienzle. Allan Kienzle was a CFA Judge, a Devon Breeder, a former president of our Devon Rex Breed Club and an avid spokesperson for the wonders of our beloved Pixie Devon Rex Cats. Allan is pictured on this award with our first National winning Devon Rex "GC /NW KOTICKEE'S RASSY SASSOUL, DM "23rd BEST CAT 1989-1990 Show Season”. Allan was able to see the coming of age of the Devon in CFA as Rassy moved into a national winning slot the year before his passing. The eagle on this award symbolizes Achievement and Support. - "I can soar higher than an eagle, for you are the wind beneath my wings" - These words, from a song Allan loved, exemplify the achievement and support of the Devon Rex Breed within the Cat Fancy, as well as the respect, achievements and support that he himself garnered in life. Following his death, friends of Allan Kienzle continued to show his beautiful brown mackerel tabby neuter in Premiership, securing a Regional title on his cat as a tribute to him. "RW/GP Alkia's For The Good Times," affectionately known as "Cricket," shown by the Pauls, won his title the year after Allan's passing. Due to unfortunate circumstances in passing this award to each year's recipient, the original award was damaged. A replica was re- established by the Devon Rex Breed Club through the generous donations of the club's members. The award plaque was completely filled and in 2006 a new award plaque was created. The award pictured above remains housed with the current President of the DRBC while the current award travels with the breed booth display to be seen at most Devon Rex functions.
This is the cat that started it all. GC/NW KOTICKEE RASSY SASSOUL, DM
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