CFA Top Devons in Championship Class
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2008-2009 Premiership Class 2008-2009 Kitten Class
The Championship competition class is for unaltered pedigreed cats over the age of eight months.
2008-2009 Show Season
Best Devon Rex in Championship Fifth Best Cat MWR GC, RW DREADLOCK IMP-PURRFECTLY ODD Odd Eyed White Female Br/Ow: Tina Czernik - M. Mitchener (6) Points: 5990.7
Second Best Devon Rex in Championship Seventh Best Cat NWR GC, RW JOBARA'S DON JUAN Gold Eyed White Male Br: Wendy Renner - Barbara Irie Ow: Barbara Irie - Jade Kleider (2) Points: 3183.1
Third Best Devon Rex in Championship Twenty-Second Best Cat SWR GC, RW DIVINEDEVONS BLUE BIT-A-HEAVEN Blue Female Br: Robin Robertson, Lessee Ow: R. Robertson - B. Irie (5) Points: 1927.7
Fifth Best Devon Rex in Championship GC CLARICK'S TATER TOT Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby and White Female Br/Ow: Celestia Wright (4) Points: 1125.95
Fourth Best Devon Rex in Championship GC, RW LOGANDERRY COOPER OF HILLTOP PARK Brown Mackerel Tabby Female Br/Ow: Gerri Logan - Claudia Hasay (1) Points: 1577.3
Sixth Best Devon Rex in Championship   GC BLUEGENES WAVEN IMAGE Gold Eyed White Male Br/Ow: Judith T. Hudgens (4) Points: 468.55
Seventh Best Devon Rex in Championship GC KENIAKATS TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS OF WW Blue Eyed White Female Br: Sandy Kinsey Ow: Elaine Adkins - Sandy Kinsey (4) Points: 282.3
Eight Best Devon Rex in Championship GC MEIKAI'S MADAME BUTTERFLY Tortoiseshell Female Br/Ow: Douglas Schmidt (6) Points: 231.05
Ninth Best Devon Rex in Championship GC, RW SANDSPURS SNICKERS OF KURLIELOCKS Chocolate Patched Mackerel Tabby Female Br: Betty Haden - Sheila Parvin Ow: Amy/Betty Haden Points: 153.65
Tenth Best Devon Rex in Championship GC HILLTOP PARK ROCKSTAR OF RAUL Chocolate Mackerel Tabby Male Br: Gerri Logan - Claudia Hasay Ow: Milena Hribar (E) Points: 138.6
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