Distinguished Merit
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Devons Earning The Title Of Distinguished Merit From 1982 - Present Continued...
Distinguished Merit Page 1 Back to Top GC/RW LOGANDERRY’S TRUFFLES OF DILETTANTE, DM  Red Mackerel Tabby Female Br: Gerri-Bob Logan  Ow: Wendy Renner Pictured with her kittens (L to R)  CH DILETTANTE NAPOLEON OF KARMACATZ, DM  "Leo"  - Red Tabby Male GC DILETTANTE BEIGNET OF BACIO, DM  "Benny" - Cameo Tabby Male
GC DILETTANTE MINX ON THE MOON, DM Qualified 06-14-2008 Chocolate Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby Female Br: Wendy Renner Ow: Angela Gruenberg-Wendy Renner Qualifying Offspring: GC Dilettante Chicken Little GC Dilettante Scout of Jobara, DM GC Bacio Adonis of Dilettante GC Bacio Silver Belles of Dilettante CP Bacio Bubaluh of Loganderry
GC CASTILLEJA'S DEE DEE OF JOBARA, DM Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby Female Qualified: 10-23-2010 Br: Donna Peck Ow: Bobbie Irie Qualifying Offspring: GC Jobara’s Jasper GP Jobara’s Jellybean Queen of Abiqua GC Jobara’s What’s Up Buttercup GC Jobara’s Earth Angel GP Jobara’s Howard Kristofferson
GC/RW DEVINEDEVONS BIT OF-BLUE HEAVEN, DM Blue Female Qualified: 01-08-2011 Br: Robin Robertson, Lessee Ow: Robin Robertson Qualifying Offspring: GC DevineDevons Gabriel GP DevineDevons Micheal GC/RW Jobara’s Ka-Boom GC Jobara’s Little Boo Peep GC DevineDevons Boomerang of Fujicats
GC DILETTANTE SCOUT OF JOBARA, DM Brown Mackerel Tabby Female Qualified: 01-15-2011 Br: Wendy Renner Ow: Bobbie Irie-Wendy Renner Qualifying Offspring: GC Jobara’s Hope Springs Eternal GC Jobara’s Twinkle Twinkle GC/RW Jobara’s Ma Petite Bibelot GP Jobara’s Jinx GC Jobara’s Pixie Dust
GC/BW/RW KARMACATZ RAZZLE DAZZLE ME!, DM Cameo Mackerel Tabby & White Female Qualified: 03-20-2011 Br/Ow: Linda-Susan Peterson-Denis Downey Qualifying Offspring: GC Karmacatz I Will Survive of Marcus GC Karmacatz Ms Gabor of Catworth GC/BW/NW Karmacatz All Jazzed Up GC Karmacatz Twilight Zone of Curlfect GC Karmacatz Razzberry Ripple
GC KENIAKATS MISTY MOONLIGHT, DM Gold-Eyed White Female Qualified 09-24-2011 Br: Patty Molner-Sandy Kinsey Ow: Sandy Kinsey Qualifying Offspring: GC Keniakats Bella De Ball GC Keniakats Duchess-of-Winding Way GP Keniakats Misty’s Into the Mystic CH/GP Keniakats Orion GC Keniakats Truly Scrumptious-of-WW
GC KIRLEEKAT'S LIVIN' IN COLOR, DM Qualified 02-04-2012 Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby & White Female Br: Debbie Van Patten-Erika Paylor Ow: Erika-Richard Paylor Qualifying Offspring: GC Kirleekat’s Jennifurr Ann GC/GP/RW Kirleekat’s Kissimee Kate GC Kirleekat MorningGlory of Pixiepurr GP Kirleekat’s Red-y Fred-y GP Kirleekat’s Full Monty of Pixiepurr
GC/PR PATTNCHAT BUG-A-ME, DM Qualified 03-31-12 Red Mackerel Tabby Spay Br/Ow: Debbie-Eric Van Patten Qualifying Offspring: GC/GP.RW Pattnchat June Bug GC Pattnchat Honey Bee GP/RW Pattnchat Busy Bee GP Pattnchat Grasshopper GP Pattnchat Superfly
GC/BW/RW DREADLOCK NARCISSUS IN CHAINS, DM Qualified: 09-08-12 Dilute Calico Female Br/Ow: Tina Czernik Qualifying Offspring: GC/RW Dreadlock Echo of Chimera Dreams GC Dreadlock Witchling Unchained GC/RW Dreadlock Mage of Blood and Myst GC/BW/RW Dreadlock Rosemary and Rue GC/RW Dreadlock Pretty Boy Floyd
GC CLARICK’S SAY GOODNIGHT GRACIE, DM Qualified: Show Season 2013-2014 Blue Patched Mackerel Tabby & White Female Br/Ow: Celestia Wright Qualifying Offspring: GC Clarick's Hot Rod Lincoln GC Clarick's Lovin' Spoonful GC Clarick's Twinkle Toes GP Clarick's Cool Beans GC Clarick's Goodnight Sweetheart
GC MARCUS MISS PINKY OF READY OR NOT, DM Qualified:  6/8/2014 Smoke Tortoiseshell Female Br: David Raynor Ow: Carolyn Jimenez-Kristin Nowell Qualifying Offspring: GC/GP Ready or Not Carney Man GC Ready or Not Smoke & Mirrors of Steadham GC Ready or Not Velvetkist GC Ready or Not Kiss of Fire GP Ready or Not Blue Blazes
GC MEIKAI’S STARGAZER, DM Qualified: 05/18/2015 Chocolate Silver Mackerel Tabby Male Br/Ow: Doug Schmidt   Qualifying Offspring:   GP Meikai's Creme De La Cream GC Clarick's Hot Rod Lincoln   GC Clarick's Lovin' Spoonful GC Meikai's Rocketman of Karmacatz GP Meikai's Polaris of Elcen GC Meikai's Silver Azalea   GP Meikai's Miss Molly-of-JGwhiskerz GC Meikai's Painted Lady GP Meikai's Bluebell   GC Meikai's Daisy Patch (now of Java Cafe) GC Clarick's Goodnight Sweetheart   GP Bluegenes Caramel Candie GP Clarick's Cup of Joe of Laureden GP Meikai's Mars Red GC Meikai's Mocha Marigold
 GC MEIKAI’S TIGER LILLY, DM Qualified: 04/11/15 Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby & White Female Br/Ow: Doug Schmidt   Qualifying Offspring:   GC Meikai's Rocket Man of Karmacatz GC Meikai's Silver Azalea GP Meikai's Bluebell GC Meikai's Daisy Patch (now of Java Cafe) GP Meikai's Mars Red
GC KARMACATZ I WILL SURVIVE OF MARCUS, DM Qualified: 05/16/2015 Cream Silver Mackerel Tabby & White Female Br: Linda/Susan Peterson - Denis Downey Ow: David Raynor - Linda/Susan Peterson   Qualifying Offspring:   GP Marcus My Succotash Wish GC Marcus Casting Devious Stares GP Marcus Glorietta of Ready Or Not GC Marcus Amelianna GC Marcus Glitter of Java Cafe
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GC/RW PATTNCHAT PIPPY GALORE OF FUJICATS, DM Qualified: 04/03/2016 Brown Mackerel Tabby and White Female Br: Debbie/Eric Van Patten Ow: Greg/Leigh Sorokin - Debbie/Eric Van Patten Qualifying Offspring:   GC/RW Fujicats Pixie Chick of Pattnchat GC Fujicats Pippilicious GC Fujicats Gigi GP/RW Pattnchat Pip-Squeak of Fujicats GP Fujicats Pip-Shot
GC MEIKAI’S MOCHA MARIGOLD, DM Qualified: 04/22/2017 Chocolate Tortiseshell Female Br/Ow: Douglas Schmidt Qualifying Offspring:   GC Meikai's Gulliver of Maurex GC, RW Meikai's Zoe Zinnia GP Meikai's Winston GP, RW Meikai's Silver Rose of Camocats GC Meikai's Swiss Miss Magnolia
GC LOGANDERRY MERRY MARY, DM Qualified: 04/23/2017 Black Female Br: Gerri Logan - Claudia Hasay Ow: Kristin Nowell - Carolyn Jimenez Qualifying Offspring:   GC Ready or Not Hoos Sorry Now GC Ready or Not Hoo Dat GC Ready or Not Hoo Me GC, RW Ready or Not Ear We Go GP Ready or Not Ears The Deal