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The Devon Rex Breed Club Rescue Committee members, along with a network of volunteer club members, pet owners, breeders, and rescue personnel from other agencies across the United States and Canada, network to find homes for Devons in need. The Devons we help come from homes as the result of the death of an owner or the inability of an owner to care for their cat any longer due to personal circumstances, other rescues in need of assistance finding a home for a Devon, or those found as strays. Occasionally, we will assist a bonded pair in which only one of the cats is a Devon. We like bonded pairs to stay together to help ease their transition to a new home. The Devon Rex Breed Club Rescue was established in accordance with the statement and purpose of the Devon Rex Breed Club Constitution and By-Laws, specifically Article Three: Section B. “To protect and preserve the Devon Rex breed; to promote the humane treatment of Devon Rex in members' care through education and the CFA code of ethics; to strive to ensure that Devon Rex in need get the appropriate assistance. If you know of a Devon in need of assistance in the United States or Canada, please contact If you are available to help with transport and/or fostering in the United States or Canada, please contact If you would like to contribute to our rescue fund, which is used for veterinary and foster care expenses for our rescued Devons, please  “There’s no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat.” – Wesley Bates “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo da Vinci Please open your heart and home to a masterpiece or two
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