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Please consider making a donation to our rescue efforts to assist Devons in need.  Your support is appreciated by us and by them. Donations will be used to cover the cost of care for these Devons while they are in foster care waiting to be adopted.
Oliver - Maryland Oliver followed some people home on their walk one night. When they went inside he pawed on the door to get in. His owner was never found, but he now has a new home.  
Stuart - Florida Stuart lost his home due to the death of his owner. In his foster home he hid under the bed for weeks. From the moment he arrived he was “mothered” by the resident dog who insisted on crawling under the bed to be with him. Though Stuart had never lived with a dog, he was comforted by this attention. The two became inseparable, and the foster mom adopted Stuart on the dog’s birthday!  
Mimi Farina - California Mimi lived the first year of her life in a house with 150 unsocialized cats. After 12 months in a foster home, learning to get along with humans and other cats, she was adopted. She is living in a home with another rescue Devon.  
Claire - Texas Claire was found in a house under construction. She was emaciated and very ill. After two months in a foster home and extensive veterinary care, she was adopted. She now lives with other Devons.  
Gizmo - Colorado Gizmo's mom lost her home and spent some time with him and her other cats living in her car. She eventually felt it best to take them to a shelter. Giz, age 15, has chronic heart disease and eye issues that were treated first at the shelter and then in his foster home. His foster mom fell in love with him and decided she wanted to adopt him after 5 months. Gizmo is doing well and will continue to get the medical care and love he needs and deserves, in the home with people and cats he has grown to love. Senior cats have lots of love left to give!  
Magic - Maryland Magic’s owners took her litter box out of the house and tried to get her to use the outdoors. She complied, but got torn up by a neighborhood cat and then did not want to go outside again. She started using the bathtub for her litter box and she was then taken to a shelter. Magic is happy and safe in her new home where she has a litter box whenever she needs it and will never need to or be allowed to go outside again. Magic is a purebred longhaired Devon. Her parents both have normal Devon coats. Magic’s new mom was looking for a longhaired cat. This was a perfect match.  
Sissy & Gwendolyn- Arizona Sissy and Gwen are bonded mother/daughter Devons. They were left without a home when their breeder died. They were taken in by someone who decided she could not keep them. They are now in their new home. .  
Sasha - Maryland Sasha’s owner was moving out of the country and could not take Sasha with her.  She now has a new home with two senior Devon brothers. She loves belly rubs and shoulder rides from her new people. This photo is of her in her isolation room waiting for full integration into the rest of the home with the other Devons. They have been having meetings through a puppy gate and they are all showing signs of soon hanging out in one happy pile of Devons.  
Bombay - Pennsylvania Bombay lost his home because his owner was ill and could no longer care for him. He was taken to an animal shelter where he was, understandably, not very happy in a cage. He went to a DRBC Rescue foster home for a few weeks and then to his permanent home. He is adjusting well to his big new house and his three Devon sisters.  
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Franklin - Pennsylvania Franklin needed a new home because children in the family had developed cat allergies. Franklin also needed a dog in his new home. He lived with two large curly dogs and loved cuddling with them. Franklin now lives with a loving family and one small curly dog who had recently lost her senior Devon pal. Franklin and her new dog happen to be the same color so it is difficult to see where cat ends and dog begins. They have both adjusted beautifully.  
Sophie - Delaware Sophie, a blue Devon, was found with kittens in someone’s yard. She was terrified and exhibited feral-like behavior. She lived in a foster home for a year and made steady progress with the patient help of her resident Devon friends, dog, and humans. Her permanent adoptive family includes three Devons, a dog, and two humans. She is continuing to make great progress in overcoming her fears.