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CFA New Bee This CFA program provides information and orientation for new CFA exhibitors. The web site is new but already has a good deal of important information and hopes to cover a variety of topics - from how to enter a show, how to get both you and your cat ready for the show, special travel considerations, and how to make the show a great experience for you and your cat. Showing cats isn't just a hobby - it's a mindset and (often) a way of life. Having a positive show experience doesn't just happen; it takes thought, planning, and a lot of consideration. Maintaining a balanced and positve outlook and doing your homework will go a long way in keeping the showhall a fun place to be. Click here for more information CFA Mentor Program The CFA Mentor Program has been established as one of mentoring as opposed to coaching. There is a distinctive difference in the relationship that one develops when people work together as mentor and protégé, as opposed to the relationship between a coach and his or her protégé. The program's primary functions include the recruitment of new people into the CFA family; retention of participants; achievement of some degree of competency related to the exhibiting and breeding of pedigreed cats; and, the encouragement of personal growth. The overall primary objectives of the program are to attract new breeders and exhibitors and retain them in the hobby of breeding and exhibiting pedigreed cats; to establish a program that provides education, guidance, assistance and nurturing to new breeders and exhibitors; and, to put forward the notion that CFA is a friendly association with friendly people ready to assist the novice or newcomer.     Click here for more information     CFA Ambassador Program The CFA Ambassador Program helps exhibitors give a public face to the cat fancy and offers knowledge transfer from those of you who know to the interested public. Ambassadors wear buttons that say "Questions? Ask Me." The buttons are to provide the public with a contact person. If the Ambassador doesn't have the answer, he/she will get it. The Ambassador's Handbook is a wonderful tool for talking about CFA and their positions on many cat related subjects. If you're exhibiting at a show and want to help the public learn about CFA and the pedigreed cat, understand how the rings work and what the cat show is about, etc., you may enroll in the CFA Ambassador Program to help. You will receive an identity button, a cage topper and a handbook so you can become totally familiar with answers to the most frequently asked questions at a cat show. This program is funded by The Hartz Mountain Corporation. The CFA Ambassador Program is a first-rate resource for those who are interested in helping people understand CFA. Click here for more information CFA Breeder Assistance and Breeder Rescue Program The Breeder Assistance Program was developed because of a need that CFA saw between Animal Welfare and Purebred Rescue. Breeder Assistance is a place for breeders to seek help in situations out of their control. BAP provides help with advice, physical help and placement. The Breed Rescue Program helps purebred cats at risk in shelters across the country. This program, in cooperation with the CFA Breed Councils, are building a coalition of breed specific rescue groups, as well as locally operated rescue organizations. These programs are now under the Umbrella of CFA Animal Welfare and includes the Food Pantry which operates with the generous assistance of Royal Canin. Click here for more information