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Take some time to learn about the unique characteristics of this breed. The History and Elfin Magic pages will give you a comprehensive background of how the Devon came to be, first in nature, and then in The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). The Breed Standard will help you understand how a Devon should look with regard to head, ears, coat and body.  By learning the component parts of a Devon, you will be better able to judge the quality of the cat you plan to get, or the one you already own.  
A Look at the Devon Rex The Devon Rex, "Pixie of the Cat Fancy", is a cat like no other.  It has been compared to a cross between a cat, a dog, a monkey, and Dennis the Menace because of its madcap personality.  Add to that, over sized ears on an impish face with large expressive eyes, and you begin to understand why Devons are described as "elfin." Delightfully silly in both appearance and antics, Devons are interested in everything and everyone around them. They are a fun- loving breed with a relaxed and social attitude rarely associated with cats.  The appearance of the Devon Rex is far from ordinary - in fact, people have questioned whether they are a real cat or some kind of impossible animal mixture! With their long skinny necks, oddly shaped heads, ridiculously big ears, and incredible coat that can range from wildly curly to a soft suede-like down it is no wonder people are confused by Devons.  They really are 100% feline, even if they seem to be 99% personality and only 1% cat. This unique breed possesses intensely loyal, human-loving, dog-like qualities. They have often been described as "Cling-ons" and "Velcro" cats, because of their unwillingness to leave their people alone.  A Devon will never miss an opportunity to give a quick nuzzle to a hand or face, or to offer a gentle head- butt as proof of their love.  Make and hold eye contact with a Devon and prepare yourself to be convinced that you are the center of his universe, as this is the true love of a Devon - you.  A person must be prepared to be owned by a Devon.  A Devon will eat with you, sleep with you, perch cozily on your shoulder and read the newspaper with you.  They will follow you around the house, sit at your feet or jump on your lap the minute you sit down.  A Devon will accompany you on your household chores, happily trilling, cooing, and chirping, as they look for ways to help.  Once owned by a Devon, you can anticipate you will never do anything alone again.  It is important to understand that the social nature of the Devon makes them marvelous pets, but unsuited to spending long periods of time without companionship. Devons do not discriminate in terms of the company they keep.  They do very well with people, other Devons (often creating a "Devon pile"), cats, dogs, and even the occasional bird, ferret or rabbit.  A constant "buddy" is a must for this breed to be truly happy.  If you are someone away from home for hours at a time, you should consider a more independent breed of cat or plan on bringing home two Devons. Children and Devons are naturals as best friends and tireless playmates. Many a Devon has become a living doll or cuddly teddy bear in the arms of a child.  Their playful nature means Devons easily learn tricks and are always up for a game of hide-and-seek, tag, or fetch. Other family members will frequently find a Devon nestled in their laps. Devons will never sleep alone when a lap, a shoulder, or cradling arms are offered.  You should not be surprised to find a Devon tucked in bed with you or another family member.  Typically snuggled under the covers or firmly settled on a pillow.  Devons remain kittens-at-heart forever, and their affectionate nature connects them deeply with every family member. A word of caution, Devons are food hounds. Whether it is the traditional  burger and fries, or the more unusual, asparagus tips, grapes, or  olives, be prepared to guard your dinner plate from the fast and crafty  Devon in the house. They never turn down a meal and would be happy  to assist you with yours.  Do not be taken in by the pleading or the  heartbreaking, pitiful expressions that would suggest they have not had  a meal in weeks. They may look like they have just arrived on earth on an alien  spaceship but they originated in Devon, England in the late 1950's  when  a wholly natural mutation occurred in feral cats living in the  countryside near the town of Buckfastleigh.  Mother Nature created this  feline oddity, this lithe and winsome pixie cat.  Man had no hand in the  mutation, but did step in and make it possible for the mutation to  survive and flourish, providing cat lovers around the globe the  opportunity to meet, love and be loved by one of nature's true miracles  - the Devon Rex Cat. Intrigued?  Please explore our Educational topics to learn about Finding a Responsible Breeder, Standards of the Breed and more....