Constitution & By-Laws
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Article One - Name.  THIS ORGANIZATION SHALL BE KNOWN AS THE DEVON REX BREED CLUB (DRBC). Article Two - Affiliation. THIS ORGANIZATION SHALL BE AFFILIATED WITH THE CAT FANCIERS' ASSOCIATION, INC. (CFA), AND SHALL ABIDE BY THE RULES, REGULATIONS AND STANDARDS OF THAT ASSOCIATION. Article Three - Statement of Purpose. Section A. To promote the responsible breeding and ownership of Devon Rex according to the rules and guidelines of CFA. Section B. To protect and preserve the Devon Rex breed; to promote the humane treatment of Devon Rex in members' care through education and the CFA code of ethics; to strive to ensure that Devon Rex in need get the appropriate assistance. Section C. To provide forums for Devon Rex fanciers to meet and to share information and camaraderie. Section D. To educate the general public on the Devon Rex breed; to promote the Devon Rex within CFA; to encourage participation of the Devon Rex in CFA events.   Article Four - Amendments. MOTIONS FOR AMENDMENTS WILL BE ALLOWED. THIS CONSTITUTION MAY BE AMENDED IN THE FOLLOWING MANNER: Section A. A motion may be made from the floor of the BOD, calling for an amendment. Members may propose amendments through any member of the BOD. The BOD shall by a simple majority approve proposals for referral to the By-laws Committee. Section B. Review by the By-laws Committee shall establish proper wording and logical integration of any amendment into this Constitution and provide any additional proposed amendments necessary for such integration. Section C. All amendments passing out of the By-laws Committee and approved by the BOD are to be submitted to the voting membership in ballot form. A two-third (2/3) majority of all votes received must be in favor to approve an amendment to this Constitution.