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Money is desparately needed to fund the final research that will provide breeders with the genetic marker essential to breeding away from FIP and is all that is holding up this CRITICAL FINAL ANSWER!
DRBC Pesident, Anita Henrikson, presents our fundraiser check to Niels Pedersen, DVM, PhD.
To make further donations to this incredibly important cause please go to directly to the SOCK FIP website
For more information about FIP research, please click here.
DONOR   IN LOVING MEMORY OF   Contributions: $10.00  -   $24.00   Cynthia   Conrow   Our sweet Devon kitten, Jester   Mary Sue Rubin   Jester   Emily Rose       Norma Coleman   Gabriella   Stephanie Michaud       Diane Travis       Lindsay Strong       $25.00  -   $49.00   Renee Olsen   Dapplewood's   Outrageous Oliver   Kent Thompson       Mary Ann Gobat   Zipper   Ellen Crockett       Virginia   Lenkner   Grace   Angie and Gail Lewis   Devonborn   Cheesecake   Elizabeth Andrews       David   Raynor       Doug Schmidt       Julia   Sharikova       Phyllis   Sunkees       Kerry  Connelly   Shelby and his owner Tammie   Karen King       Bob Kinsey       Wendy Showers       $50.00  -   $69.00   Nonna   Strazhnikova   to my faithful cats, who shared 17 years of life  together   Dianne Ritchie       Anne Frank       Amaya   Diaz       Elaine Adkins   Frankie   Leigh  Ann   Yandle - Perry       Linda Peterson (additional donation)   Matching contribution as thank you to Leigh  AnnYandle - Perry for all she did for the KK cat rescue.   Robin Robertson       Emma Townsend       Donna George       Susan Peterson Debbie Van Patten  Debra   Ratushniak  $70.00  -   $149.00 Catherine Turner  Carl   Geenen Little Joe Mao Bonnie   Petter Our beloved Mickey Melody   Amundson GC Devon Heaven's Leap - of - Faith Beryl Peters  Donna Peck Iris  -   Castilleja's   Iris   Raine      and   Leona  -   GC   Castilleja's   Leona   Golightly Sue Perkins  Gin Mason  Kayla   Irmscher Harris     Mary Robinson of   Marya   cattery $150  -   $449.00 Anita   Henrikson ... the babies that were lost to our cattery this last  summer. Linda Peterson ... those who have crossed the rainbow  bridge Carolyn Jimenez and Kristin   Nowell  Terry Michaud Simon  -   Black as a Moonless Night! $450.00 and Above Derry~Hill   Devon Rex To help close the FIP path to the Rainbow Bridge.